The goal of the Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar und Staatskapelle Weimar is the presenting of high-quality concerts, productions and events. We take great pride in our work and strive to create a professional atmosphere upholding pillars of equality and collaboration.


Guidelines for All Employees and Guests


1. Respect

  • We actively welcome a diverse range of perspectives.  
  • We respect diversity and personal boundaries.
  • We respect the work done by others
  • We use all available means and materials responsibly and sparingly.


2. Communication

  • We regularly exchange information openly and objectively.
  • We enable knowledge sharing.  
  • We abide by agreements and rules.
  • We communicate efficiently to address challenges.


3. Equality

  • We recognise, embrace and welcome individual characteristics
  • We bear joint responsibility for a fair and righteous together.
  • We actively intervene in case of discrimination based on national ethnic origin, social position, religion, political beliefs, gender, age, sexual orientation, diseases, disabilities or any other personal characteristics
  • Disregard for these principles results in disciplinary consequences.
  • All colleagues are equally entitled to appropriate protection measures and assistance.


4. Ethos

  • We work responsibly together.
  • We help and support one another.  
  • We jointly represent Deutsches Nationaltheater und Staatskapelle Weimar through our work.



Special Guidelines for Executives and Guests in Leading Positions


1. Communication

  • We communicate and assign tasks and goals clearly and comprehensibly.
  • We treat each other respectfully.
  • We convey decisions in advance in order to ensure understanding and broad participation.
  • We accept criticism and handle our own mistakes self-critically.
  • We acknowledge the contribution of all colleagues.


2. Conflict resolution

  • We actively prevent potential conflicts by means of targeted communication.
  • We treat conflicting parties fairly.
  • If necessary, we cooperate with external partners who provide mediation support.


3. Trust and fairness

  • We act in accordance with the principles of equality and take responsibility for our employees.
  • We enable our employees to work autonomously.
  • We transfer tasks and their implementation in an integrated way.
  • We promote our employees’ contributions through constructive feedback.


4. Health and work safety  

  • We are committed to improving occupational health and safety.  
  • We ensure a cooperative working atmosphere.
  • We follow the legal regulations and work safety guidelines.  
  • We support and organise health-promoting measures.
  • We promote preventive measures in order to avoid possible overstrain and illness.


These guidelines were presented on the occasion of an employees’ plenary meeting on 11 December 2019.
Subject to amendments in terms of an open process.