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Here you can either buy your tickets with a credit card or reserve your ticket online.
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Box office

Adress: Theaterplatz 2

Opening hours:   

Monday - saturday: 10 to 18 h

Sunday: 10 to 13 h

Cash counters open an hour before the performance in all venues.

Please note that card payments are not possible at the box offices in the E-Werk and the Weimarhalle.



Tel. + 49 (0)3643 / 755-334

Fax + 49 (0)3643 / 755-321

Adress: Postfach 2003 & 2005, D-99401 Weimar




At the Information desk inside the theatre you can lend lorgnettes (security deposit required) or order a taxi to get home after the performance.


Our service for the handicapped

In the venues Großes Haus, E-Werk and Weimarhalle, seats for wheelchair users are provided. Please let us know if you require these seats with your reservation.

At the right side of the entrance to the Großes Haus there is a lift for wheelchair users reaching the level of the pit. To use it, please ring the bell on the right side of the building.

There also is an aid for hearing impaired available at the information desk in the Großes Haus.