• Weimarhalle

1st Symphony Concert

Conductor: Ivan Repušić / Soloist: Fazıl Say (Piano)

Natko Devčić Istrian Suite
Maurice Ravel Piano Concerto in G major
Béla Bartók Concerto for Orchestra, Sz. 116


To kick off the season, the Staatskapelle Weimar welcomes for the first time its »Artist in Residence 2022/23«, the Turkish pianist and composer Fazıl Say – a fascinating artistic personality between the ages and styles, a musician who starts with Mozart and at the same time explores jazz and oriental folklore. A musician who first and foremost seeks contact with people, with the audience. Welcome, Fazıl Say!

In his first appearance with the Staatskapelle, Say presents himself at the piano with Maurice Ravel's wonderfully lively Concerto in G major, which also offers wonderfully intimate moments between echoes of circus music and jazz. Inspired by sunny idylls by the sea, the Croatian Natko Devčić composed a veritable musical picture postcard in 1946 with his »Istrian Suite«. Béla Bartók, on the other hand, wrote his »Concerto for Orchestra« to also find new strength in music in a new place after emigrating from war-torn Europe to the USA in 1943. The Hungarian constructively combines baroque techniques, chorale intonations, romantic echoes and folkloristic elements from the Balkans into a grandiose spectrum of symphonic orchestral art: as virtuoso as a concerto and thus the best example of the distinctiveness of the individual in the orchestral community.


Public dress rehearsal on Sunday, 11 o'clock in the Weimarhalle
Tickets: 12,00 Euro, limited contingent

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  • Ivan Repušić (Dirigent)
  • Fazıl Say (Klavier)
Sun 25.09.2022 // 19.30 o´clock


Mon 26.09.2022 // 19.30 o´clock