© Andreas Schlager
© Andreas Schlager
  • Großes Haus
  • Age for ages 5 and up

Ring free! Musical tricks and clownery

Together with clowns and artists of the children and youth circus Tasifan

"Manege frei" is the motto when the Staatskapelle Weimar presents itself in concert with all kinds of musical tricks, juggling tricks and tightrope walking! Every child knows that the circus cannot live without music - but isn't music in and of itself a wonderful circus art? The notes are sparkling, the xylophone mallets are whirling, the motifs are flying from instrument to instrument in a virtuoso way, that one is just amazed! Of course, these sounds are also pure inspiration for the young artists of the Tasifan Circus, whom we bring onto the stage without further ado. And so music and acrobatics, sound art and clownish wit complement each other in playful dialogue. Hold your breath, turn on the spotlight and roll the drums!

With Marnisch Ebner (solo xylophone)

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