© Julia Fiedler
© Julia Fiedler
  • Großes Haus
  • Age age 5 and older

Christmas concert

»Der Baum Alp Traum«

A musical fairy tale by Philipp Bölk
for speaker, symphony orchestra and alphorn quartet


The fairy tale of the "Tree Alp Dream" takes us into a fantastic world of sound and color full of surprises. The main character is a small, sad spruce: certainly not the most beautiful among the many trees in the forest, but the fact that the others constantly laugh at and tease it is really not fair. The little spruce then takes refuge in the sounds of the forest, which she listens to: the babbling of the brook, the whispering of the leaves in the wind, the trickling of the snowflakes - what wonderful music! Someday, she fears, they will cut her down and turn her into firewood, for what else would she be good for? But one night the angels tell her in a dream that she, of all people, has a very special career ahead of her...

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  • Andreas Wolf (Dirigent)
  • Peter Rauch (Erzähler)