© Kate Ledina
© Kate Ledina
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  • Premiere 25.08.2021

438 Tage NSU-Prozess – Eine theatrale Spurensuche

Performative documentary re-enactment of the NSU trial at Munich Higher Regional Court

KUNSTFEST WEIMAR will mark the anniversary of the identification of the three core members of the NSU (National Socialist Underground) far-right terrorist group in 2011 with a stage re-enactment of the subsequent trial, with the focus on the murder victims and the many holes in the investigation. Even today, the background to the NSU plot remains unclear: many questions surrounding right-wing networks, the involvement of official bodies and the complicity of state structures are yet to be answered satisfactorily.

As a performative documentary re-enactment, a condensed summary of the trial will be presented along different thematic avenues, and tie in with the present day. In 17 chapters over 17 days, the re-enactment will explore the various problematic areas from the trial, and attempt to open up new perspectives and answer unresolved questions. Every day, new roles will be taken on by the Weimar and Jena public, trial participants or public figures.

Director Nuran David Çalış is an expert in documentary theatre formats with a political focus. His productions have included Die Lücke — Ein Stück Keupstraße (The Gap — A Piece of Keupstraße) at SCHAUSPIEL KÖLN, and most recently NSU 2.0 at SCHAUSPIEL FRANKFURT. The text version was drafted by Tunçay Kulaoğlu, who was also responsible for the template for Reichstag Reenactment in 2019.


Regie & Video: Nuran David Çalis
Text & Dramaturgie: Tunçay Kulaoğlu
Bühne: Irina Schicketanz
Kostüme: Sara Drasdo
Musik: Vivan Bhatti
Mit Mitgliedern des Schauspielensembles des DNT und Bürger*innen aus Weimar

Eine Produktion des Kunstfest Weimar mit dem DNT Weimar
Kooperation mit dem Förderverein Buchenwald e. V. und Licht ins Dunkel e. v.
gefördert von der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, dem Lokalen Aktionsplan Weimar und JenaKultur


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