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Four plus One

Chamber concert of the Staatskapelle Weimar

Josef Suk Klavierquartett a-Moll op. 1
Johannes Brahms Klavierquintett f-Moll op. 34

No other musician entered the stage of Czech late Romanticism as spectacularly as Josef Suk. The brilliant violinist studied composition with Dvorák, from whom he also inherited his high regard for the music of Brahms. The Piano Quartet op. 1 was Suk's examination work - still very close to his teacher Dvorák and yet already quite independent in sound and gesture. This is contrasted with Brahms' Piano Quintet op. 34, which Clara Schumann described as a "great tragic story" - music between Schubertian lyricism and excessive musical drama.


With the Weimar Piano Quartet: Johanna Zmeck (piano), Barbara Seifert (violin), Jakob Tuchscheerer (viola), Nassib Ahmadieh (violoncello) and Astrid Schütte (2nd violin).

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