• Studiobühne
  • Premiere 17.10.2020

Hoffnung – schiller synthesized

Schiller-Balladen und Elektro-Sounds

If Schiller had been born in the second half of the 20th century, he would certainly have been one of the great storytellers of modern cinema and perhaps would have created an exciting series that would keep us glued to our screens every evening. For that is what his dramas are, but above all his ballads: impressive, exciting, highly emotional stories that are able to captivate their readers or listeners. In them, one encounters wild animals, the raging sea or dangerous bands of robbers; it is about unbreakable loyalty, the mysterious power of art or the consequences of human hubris. But the poet also provides us with comedic subjects, in which he takes himself for a ride as a poet.

Together with the two percussionists Simon Lauer and Timo Schmeichel, who have earned their own audience with their »Anschlag« series of events, Sebastian Kowski will bring these stories to life. In an unusual way: In the guise of electronically animated drum sounds, supported by live sounds of novel synthesizers with their most diverse playing styles and supplemented by conventional instruments, you can experience exciting »storytelling« with poems and ballads by Friedrich Schiller.

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»In kongenialem Miteinander erarbeiteten die beiden Schlagwerker Simon Lauer und Timo Schmeichel, Staatskapelle Weimar, mit DNT-Schauspieler Sebastian Kowski die Texte sprach- und ausdrucksgewaltig neu. Im Gewand elektronisch animierter Drum-Sounds, unterstützt von Theremin und Synthesizer, sind Schillers Texte neu und sehr heutig wieder zu entdecken.«
(Thüringer Allgemeine, 17.10.2020, Christiane Weber)

  • Marie-Christin Riedel (Kostüme)
  • Beate Seidel (Dramaturgie)
  • Sebastian Kowski
  • Simon Lauer
  • Timo Schmeichel
Tue 31.01.2023 // 20.00 o´clock