© Jens Hauspurg
© Jens Hauspurg
  • Großes Haus
  • Age For preschool and elementary school children

»Little Peter’s Trip to the Moon«

2nd Students Concert

This famous fairy tale is a story about the adventures of the June bug Mr. Sumsemann who flies with Peter and Anneliese to the moon to find his missing sixth leg. How does he convince them to come along? Easy – his cheerfully fiddled June bug dance makes the two children so joyful and brave that they agree to learn how to fly. Equipped with sufficient supplies, they embark on their trip to the moon with Mr. Sumsemann. On their way they visit the starry meadow and the Milky Way, they take a ride on the great bear Ursus Major and then stroll through the Christmas fields. Finally, they climb into a moon cannon which shoots them to the moon. There they wrestle the mean Man in the Moon into submission and retrieve the June bug’s leg. Back home, Peter and Anneliese can hardly believe what just happened, but Santa Claus brings them a gingerbread package as a thank-you for helping Mr. Sumsemann.


With children choir of schola cantorum weimar

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  • Dominik Beykirch (Dirigent)
  • Max Landgrebe (Sprecher)
  • Alexander Günther (Solist)
  • Heike Porstein (Solistin)
  • Uwe Schenker-Primus (Solist)