• Weimarhalle

3. Symphony Concert

works by Rodion Schtschedrin and Maurice Ravel

Rodion Schtschedrin: Konzert Nr. 4 für Klavier und Orchester „Kreuztonarten“
Maurice Ravel: »Daphnis et Chloé«. Ballett in einem Akt

A radiant musical portrait or an authentic replica of antiquity? This sums up the conflict between the composer Maurice Ravel and the choreographer Michel Fokine as they developed »Daphnis et Chloé«. In the end, it became a »musical fresco« which expressed Ravel’s dreams of ancient Greece as »the French painters imagined and portrayed it at the end of the 18th century«. Rodion Schtschedrin, born in Moscow in 1932, also has a special relationship to ballet. He has composed five ballets, some of which were choreographed by his own wife, the famous ballerina Maja Plissezkaja. As a piano virtuoso himself, he composed six piano concertos which demand enormous stylistic versatility from the soloist. As he puts it, »when it comes to art, you should take your own path. It can be short, wide, long or narrow, but it should be your own.«

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  • N.N. (Dirigent)
  • Anika Vavic (Klavier)