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Climate change? - There's no such thing!

A foyer talk about the dangers of hostility to science in times of climate crisis

Conspiracy myths, fake news, »alternative facts« - scientific findings are increasingly being targeted and
and turned into their opposite. This hostility to science is particularly evident in the example of climate change: although the overwhelming majority of scientists confirm that climate change is man-made, self-proclaimed »climate skeptics« try to cast doubt on research and prevent climate protection measures. In Thuringia, too, there are regular protests against the construction of wind turbines - some of them supported by the AfD.

What are the dangers of anti-science? And how can these efforts be countered?


We will discuss this with

Carel Mohn, Editor in chief and project manager of klimafakten.de
Ida Loesche, Fridays for Future Weimar
PD Dr. habil. Fritz Reusswig, Institute for Climate Impact Research Potsdam


Moderation: Viktoria Kamuf (IDZ)


In cooperation with the Institute for Democracy and Civil Society in Jena (IDZ)

Admission free with ticket.

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